Sam Easterby-Smith

Consulting Creative Technologist

Current status

Not available for work, sorry. Too busy making clocks.
See for details.

I'm a hacker, artist, engineer, fixer, maintainer, creator

I love making wonderful tech products and dreaming of the impossible.

If your startup or established business needs help with either technology, or the impossible, please get in touch.

I have been around the block a few times with both fledgling enterprises and corporate behemoths. I've built products which are used by 5 million people per week, while others have sunk without a trace.

I am a veteran developer, with broad skills across the stack but with a strong and long-standing specialism in Apple platforms (Swift, Objective-C, iOS, macOS, etc).

I've done the code, the UX, the infrastructure, the business, the project management, the money, the politics, the joy and the despair.


For early-stage startups, getting that amazing product out there is of paramount importance. As a Bootstrap CTO, I help businesses to get it right, get it shipped, and build a team to underpin and sustain it.

Innovation consultancy

I help established businesses to innovate. Whether breaking into new territory, or re-imagining existing products; I can help you to get ahead of the game. Clients include: Sky, The BBC, News International, Swarovski, Ralph Lauren and Jaguar Land Rover.

Rescue missions

Software projects get into trouble for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you need to scale up in a hurry. Perhaps progress is slow, the code is buggy and morale has plummeted. Perhaps it needs that bit of spit and polish to get it out of the door yesterday. The cure will depend on the root causes.

I can probably help. If I can't I'll tell you quickly.

Startup mentoring

I'm always happy to cast a critical eye over startups; to understand your proposition, your strengths and weaknesses, and to share ideas as to how it might fly.

Accelerators etc welcome - I already work with teams from Ignite100 and DotForge.

I'm into


£600/day + VAT

Negotiable — discounts available for early stage startups, long term projects, equity, or because I think you are very special.

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